Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Nerma Roti / Akki Roti / Snow White Roti

My hubby told me that was nostalgic for Nerma roti.....
The goody goody wife i am ;-), i immediately declared that i'm gonna make his favorite roti for dinner...
I had no idea what i was getting into .....
How innocous this snow white roti looked when mom made it.
I had vague recollection of my mom using hot water to make the dough...
I got the dough ready .. not bad .. then started rolling a ball of dough the conventional way...
U know what happed dont u..
If u dont please try this sometime..U must see it to undertsand :-) ..

Now let me tell u how i finally got through..

Rice Flour - 2 cups roasted
Water - 1 3/4 cups
green chilly - 2
onion - 1 chopped finely
shredded coconut - 1/4 cup
corriander leaves
salt as reqd.

To prepare dough

1) Heat oil in a vessel , fry onions till pink. Fry green chillies.
2) Add water and bring it to a rapid boil
3) Add salt , coconut and corriander leaves
4) Add 2 drops of oil. Reduce to minimum and add the flour slowly.
5) Stir well, taking care that no lumps are formed.
6) Cover and let it simmer for few seconds.
7) Remove from flame and allow to cool.
8) Take a medium sized ball , place it on a aluminium foil that is smeared with oil.
9) Take another aluminium sheet or plastic sheet smeared with oil , place it on dough and
roll. Dont make the roti too thin , it will get crispy and hard to eat.
Roll it to medium thickness.
10) Now carefully remove the top sheet. Since u have oiled it it should come out easily.
11) Now Take the bottom sheet with the rolled out roti , take it close to
a medium heated pan , turn it over and place it on the pan.
From bottom to top u will see a stack of pan , roti and sheet.
12) After about 20 seconds , the roti will start getting cooked.
Remove the aluminum sheet carefully.
13) Do not keep turning the roti , be patient and wait till one swide gets cooked.
14) Turn and cook other side. Add oil. Fry for few seconds.
There u go awesome snow white rotis ready...

I served them with mango fish kuzhambu.
If u are wondering where the fish is in the pic , it got over by the time i prepared rotis..:-(

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