Thursday, February 01, 2007

Beef Fettuccine

I had fetuccine a week back in an italian restaurant , since then i've been wanting to make this myself... I browsed the best recipe book ( internet what else could be better ) .. Boyy i found a hundered recipes for preparing fettuccine... I took the best of whatever i read , extrapolated and came up with my own recipe...

For Pasta:

Fettuccine - 16 oz pack cooked as per directions
Olive oil - 2 tbs
Parsley , rosemary , dill
garlic - 2 pods crushed

Mix the last three items and set aside.

For Beef masala :

chilli powder - 1 tsp
cumine powder - 1/2 tsp
spring onions - 3 stalks cut into tiny pieces
beef - cooked , retain the stock
olive oil - 1 tbs
garlic - 2 pods crushed

For Sauce :

Butter - 3 tbs ( i used a a mix of butter , margaraine and i cant believe its not butter)
flour - 1 tbs
milk - 2 cups
hard boiled egg - 1
beef stock - 1 cup


1) For making sauce , Heat butter in pan , add the flour and stir well taking care no lumps are formed
2) Add the beef stock and milk
3) When the sauce starts to thicken add pepper and salt.
4) Take the yolk part of the egg , crush it and add it to the sauce
5) Stir well. The egg should be mixed well in the sauce
6) For Beef masala preparation : Mix olive oil and crushed garlic.
7) Add the mixture to beef pieces and set aside for 10 minutes
8) Heat oil in a pan , add chilly pwdr and cumine pwdr. Fry well
9) Stir in beef . Fry till browned.
10) Add the spring onions. Set Aside
11 ) Putting it all together:
Stir in half of the olive oil mixture into drained pasta.
Mix till well coated.
12 ) Stir in the beef masala. Mix well.
13) Add the sauce and toss.
14) Finally add the remaining olive oil mixture , pieces of egg white and serve hottt.

PS: Sorry abt the pic .. had only so much left after eating ... i know i know 160z is toooo much for two people... cummon it tastes good..

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