Monday, March 12, 2007

Nawabi Chicken Dum Biryani


For Masala:

Chicken - 3/4 kg
Cardamom - 12
Cloves - 13
Cinnamon - 1 stick
Onion - 650 gms thinly sliced
Tomato - 1/4 kg
Green Chilly - 5 slit
Ginger Garlic Paste - 1 tbs
Mint - 14 leaves
Corriander - 1/2 bunch , chopped finely
Chilly pwdr - 2 tsp
Corriander pwdr - 3/4 tsp
Curd - 5 tbs

For Rice :

Basmati Rice - 1 kg ( 3 Cups )
Kala Jeera - 1 tsp
Cardamom - 2
Cloves - 3
Cinnamon - a small stick
Bayleaf - 1 big leaf
Ghee - 2 tsp
Coconut milk - 3 cups
Water - 1.25 cups

For layers:

Put some saffron strands in warm milk.
Ghee - 1 tsp
Red Food Color - a pinch


1) Heat oil and fry elaichi , cloves and cinnamon.
2) Keep the heat at low and add onions.
3) After about 8 minutes when onions are light brown , add green chilly
4) When onion and chillies are blend well add ginger garlic paste and fry
till there is no raw smell.
5) Add mint and corriander.
6) When the leaves shrivel add chilly powder , salt and corriander pwdr.
7) Add tomato and fry till oil seperates. The tomato should be blended well with onions.
8) Add curd little by little , allowing it to mix in the oil each time.
9) Add chicken and cook covered.
10) If the gravy is too watery keep on high for few minutes.
The gravy should be thick.

For rice

1) Heat ghee , fry bay leaf , kala jeera , elaichi , cinnamn and cloves.
2) Wash rice and add it. Fry till aromatic.
3) Mix gently otherwise rice will break.
4) Cook rice in Rice cooker with coconut milk , water , salt and 2 pieces of chicken.

Arranging the layers

1) Allow the rice to cool. Take a baking pan and arrange a layer of rice
2) Pour some saffrom-milk and ghee.
3) Spread Masala on the rice layer.
4) Arrange one more layer of rice on the masala.
5) Add some saffron-milk and ghee. Sprinkle Red Colour in a corner.
6) Seal the dish with aluminium foil.
7) Bake at 270 for 45 minutes. 350 for 20 minutes.
8) Remove foil covering and bake at 250 for 15 minutes.
9) Now remove from over. Before serving mix the layers gently without breaking the rice.
10) Garnish with boiled eggs and fried onions.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant... jazaak Allah khairan sister for putting that!!! ... is there any way i could make that with a microwave ?!! Inda madri biriyani saptu romba naal agudhu! you have reminded me of home ! :)

Ayesha Seerin said...


Sorry dear i dont know if the whole proces can be done in Microwave.. However back in india , my mom used to make biryani and then put it in the microwave on low heat for dum before serving.