Friday, May 04, 2007

Beet Bonanza

After making Gulabi Paneer, I had beet leaves , stalk and some beet root left...
Cooked 4 dieshes with these.
I wanted to make patras with beet leaves , may be next time..

Beet Leaves with Black Eyed Beans

The above is a poriyal made with black eyed beans. Only difference is to replace
curry leaves with beet leaves

Beet Root with Whole Moong

The above is a poriyal made with whole moong dal and grated beet root.
Cook the moong dal till nearly done. Then mix salt and turmeric to it.
Shallow fry till browned. Then proceed with making the poriyal.

Also made a brinjal curry with the beet stalks , but nothing was left to take pic :-(


Asha said...

Ayesha,beet greens looks wonderful in the Moong,so very colorful:))
Glad to see those leaves used in so many dishes.YUM!Thanks darling.Have a great weekend.

Richa said...

such yummy variations with beet :)
also liked ur corn masala, a keeper :)

Anonymous said...

Thats a lovely combo of beet roots with Moong dal.. nice recipe..

Saju said...

first time at your blog, it is great reading, thanks for commenting on my blog. I will be keeping an eye on yours

Sharmi said...

nice healthy recipe Ayesha! loved the colours.

Ayesha Seerin said...

Asha - It really is a colorful dish , do try it
richa - This is the only way to use up all parts of beet
sushma - Thanks
sajeda - thanks for visiting
sharmi - thanks do try it

Janani Vasu said...

Hey ayesha..thats awesome...visintg your blog after a long time and actually at a time when i'm in dearth of recipes really :) Good more veggie recipes...